Superior Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems

Expect high quality in Denver, Colorado

Were you unpleasantly surprised by your utility bill this month? Is it hard for you to get your house to the perfect temperature? If you answered yes to either of these, you might have an insulation issue. Inefficient insulation can cause your bills to skyrocket and your comfort level to plunge. Turn it around with Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems by Nexus Construction Inc. Our technology adds energy-efficient layers to the exterior of your Denver, CO building, including:

  • A water-resistant barrier
  • An insulation board
  • Drainage panes
  • A crack-resistant polymer outercoat

Studies have shown that EIFS siding results in energy savings and improved indoor air quality and reduces your environmental impact. Choose Nexus Construction for your insulation needs in Denver, CO.

Designed for your life

EIFS siding offers much more design flexibility than other types of insulation and siding. This technology is made with a 100% acrylic binder, which resists fading and chalking much better than paint. You can order any custom color you want for your Denver, CO home. EIFS can be made to look like stone or stucco, too.

Design the home you've always dreamed of. Call Nexus Construction at 303-667-9052 for a free estimate.